When looking for the best electric airsoft gun, there are many features that you should look for when purchasing. These are in order of importance and are ranked according to a subjective scale of five. Overall weight – The overall weight of the airsoft gun should be lighter than the actual weight of the battery pack it will be powering. You want a smaller gun so that you can move around without the gun getting in the way of your accuracy.

Realistic sights – Many airsoft guns feature sight that is not realistic enough for experienced players. So if you are buying an airsoft gun for the first time then you should look for sights that have more realistic looking reticles. Realistic recoil – The more realistic the gun is, the less comfortable it will be to use. So if the gun is going to have realistic recoil then the gun should also have realistic handling.

Magazine compatibility – The best electric airsoft gun should be able to use all standard spring and bb magazines. However, it is also important that you get a magazine that is compatible with the battery that you use. Stock types – You should be able to use most spring and bb stock types of guns with any airsoft gun that is suitable for it. However, there are some sub-standard gun stocks on the market that will only allow you to use stock type guns.


Charging system – The best electric airsoft gun should have a small rechargeable battery that can be recharged by hand. The most popular battery is the NiCad, however, you can use NiMH batteries, too. Durability – It is important that you buy a gun that is built tough to withstand the elements and will last for a long time. Some guns may be cheap, but they will only last for a short time. High-quality parts – Most important parts of a gun should be built with high-quality materials. The gun should be durable enough that you can use it for years to come.

Design – The physical features of the gun should be matched to the function that it has. If it looks goofy then it probably is not the right kind of gun for you. Other accessories – You should look for a nice scope on the electric airsoft gun. There are a lot of different scopes that can make this gun even more realistic.┬áThese are some of the things that you should consider when buying the best electric airsoft gun. Choose a gun that has all of these features and you should be a happy airsoft gun owner. Read more about airsoft sniper rifles