Real estate broker

The country of Egypt is known to be one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world, but with all this beauty comes the need for a real estate agent. If you are looking to purchase, rent, or even sell property in Cairo, North Coast, El Gouna, or any other place in the rest of the country, then the following are some of the best real estate firms in Egypt to get you started. All of these firms have offices or are licensed agents in each city, so you can count on them to provide you with the best service possible.

Cairo Real Estate Company – El-Gouna – Located just a few minutes away from the Egyptian Museum, this Cairo real estate company offers a wide range of properties from apartments and condominiums to villas and farms. One of the best features about their portfolio is that it is based on location, which means they know where to look to find the best deals for their customers. If you are looking to rent, buy, or sell residential real estate in Cairo, this company is the perfect choice. They offer a great number of residential properties, and all of them have been inspected and certified by the Egyptians Ministry of Planning.

Ahi Real Estate – Cairo – Founded over thirty years ago, this real estate firm was a pioneer when it came to the development and establishment of new developments in Cairo. Today, Ahi Cairo, as it is commonly known, still stands to be the most sought after real estate company in Egypt, which provides high quality residential, commercial, and civic properties for sale and rent. With a great reputation for their building construction skills, Ahi Cairo is one of the most well known companies and property brokers in Egypt.

Khaaan Real Estate – Cairo – Known for its extensive commercial real estate portfolio, this Cairo real estate firm has been active since the nineteenth century, and is one of the largest real estate firms in Egypt today. Their residential properties are also among the finest in Cairo and provide high quality and affordable homes for rent or purchase. In addition to their residential properties, this company also offers commercial properties for rent, purchase, and investment opportunities in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, and tourism.

Gouda Real Estate – Cairo – A leading property broker that provides properties for rental, buying, and investment in residential and commercial properties in Cairo. Gouda is known for their impeccable reputation in residential properties and for providing excellent customer service. The real estate market in Cairo is highly competitive, and Gouda prides themselves for their ability to work with the best of these real estate brokers and agents, which is why they are amongst the most preferred real estate firms around.

These are just a few of the many real estate firms located in Cairo to help you find the best deal possible in the Cairo area. There are many more in and around the city, and a vast number of real estate firms throughout Egypt, so keep an eye out for more offers. As the real estate market is highly competitive, you’ll want to be aware of the deals available for you, so make sure to always check them out regularly. And, if you’re an investor, always remember to do your research before signing anything!