The season of IPL has created a buzz among the audience. Everyone is excited about witnessing this adventure. Due to the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, every cricket fan is suffering from the pain of not being able to witness the scene in person. No doubt, Hotstar IPL will lure the audience to be a part of this event virtually, but they will miss their echoing sounds in the stadiums. The Hotstar is a blessing in disguise because it is a platform that will support IPL live streaming. In these crucial times, people can still enjoy the feel of knocking balls just by sitting at their premises. This platform not only helps you to have the feeling of the field, but it can help you to save your time. The cricket fans will be thrilled by this new digital scenario. This platform was also prevalent earlier, but then it was not so popular. But, now, the power of digitization can be truly realized in this pandemic scenario.

IPL 2020 Highlights and Updates

  1. The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the game’s schedule. Earlier it was between 29 March 2020 and 24 May 2020.
  2. The latest announcements of BCCI regarding the IPL league are expected to be released by the next week.
  3. The IPL will update the knock out matches schedule within a few days.
  4. The IPL has decided that the final of the IPL will commence on 10 November 2020 in UAE.
  5. In these crucial times, IPL Governing Council has decided the time for night matches at 7.30 pm.
  6. The governing bodies have decided that the 13th edition of the IPL will take place in UAE.
  7. The updates have confirmed that the IPL will start on 19 September 2020.
  8. The sources have confirmed that there are fair chances of cancellation of the T20 World Cup cancellation that has changed the scenario IPL.
  9. It has been decided that the IPL will take place in UAE in September.
  10. The governing body of IPL has confirmed that the government has given a green flag to the BCCI.
  11. The governing bodies have started their research on the logistics and transportation of UAE. The matches can begin without any hurdles.
  12. The IPL Governing team is making proper arrangements regarding the accommodation, schedule, and other obstacles that can occur during the whole process.
  13. The governing bodies have declined the VIVO sponsorship as India, and China’s ties are not harmonious.
  14. The heartbreaking update for all the cricket fans is that Dhoni has retired from all cricket forms, but this time, he will be seen playing on the pitch from CSK.


How to watch IPL in the USA?

Sling TV

If you are residing in the USA and want to witness the IPL as a Hotstar live match, then Sling TV is a big NO for your choice. The governing bodies have restricted the streaming rights at Sling TV this year. You can witness this even on their official website and don’t make a mistake to buy the subscription if you are a die-hard fan of IPL. This platform is capable of streaming other cricket shows for you. You can enjoy this streaming on various platforms, including Android, IoS, XBOX, etc. But you can’t rely on Sling TV this season for IPL, and you have to switch to Hotstar cricket.  You can easily get  Hotstar US Promo Code here.


Willow TV

You may be thrilled to know that Willow TV has procured the rights of streaming the IPL in the USA in 2019. You can enjoy the live streaming of the IPL if you have a subscription from any of the cable providers. You can easily take a subscription to avail of the benefits of the shows just at a small cost of $10. You need not have any bondage with the terms of the subscription, and you can withdraw it as and when required. You can see the match either on the official site of Willow TV or any of the apps that support the site.



You can view the Hotstar in various countries depending upon the population of the country. If you are in India, then you can enjoy various shows on Hotstar without paying any price. But if you are binge-watcher of various international shows, then you can even procure a Premium account. The subscription will only cost you 999 INR per year or 199 INR per month. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Hotstar IPL even by sitting in the USA and UK. You can have the subscription as per your requirements.


Steps to watch on Hotstar

Hotstar is an application that has achieved significant popularity in India. It provides users with the ultimate content and various shows that can lure the people towards it. The IPL live streaming is one of the most amazing features that you can get from this application with just a minimal subscription. But if you are residing somewhere outside India and still want to enjoy the shows that are broadcasted at Indian Hotstar, then you have to buy a VPN.


The VPN will let you connect with the Indian servers by sitting in the USA or UK, and you can entertain yourself with the telecasted shows. If you are residing in the USA or UK and still want to watch the Indian version of Hotstar, you surely have to pay hefty amounts to watch these shows. Even if you have got the subscription, then also you won’t be able to witness the full-fledged library of all the popular shows.


If you try to connect with the Indian servers with the help of VPN services, you will enjoy yourself thoroughly. The VPN service is a means that will create a virtual scenario that you are present in India, and even by residing outside India, you can avail of the benefits of the Indian users.


You can use the VPN service that is very stable as well as it is optimized for all the popular platforms incorporating Windows, Mac, Android, IoS, etc. This is a very fast connection that will provide you with a fantastic experience. You can witness Hotstar Live Match with this connection.


Here is a step by step guide that will help you to understand various stages required to get the VPS service easily:

  1. You can choose any VPN service. Download the VPN from its official website and install it in your device.


  1. Once you are done with the download, you can launch the VPN service and choose one of the available Indian servers for you. You have to choose the location from the main screen.
  2. After that, you have to click on ‘All’ and choose one of the India servers to act as your VPN and connect to that server.
  3. Now you can enjoy the Hotstar cricket just by sitting anywhere outside India.


Why select Indian versions in the USA?

It is always advisable to use the Indian versions on Hotstar in the USA due to some of the following reasons:

  1. This will revive the burden posed in your pocket due to the subscription.
  2. The main advantage of the Indian version of the Hotstar is that it not only provides you with the free content, but it also allows you to view even the premium events. You can’t avail of these facilities if you are not residing in India.
  3. There are various shows and movies offered by Mouse House that you can view on Disney+ only in India.
  4. You may be amazed to know that you can withdraw your subscription within 7-10 days of purchase in India, but no such policy is adopted in the USA. You can even witness the Hotstar IPL by using the Indian version.


How to watch Hotstar on Android, iPhone, Kodi, and TV


If you are residing outside India and want to watch Hotstar on your Android device then you can follow these steps:

  1. Firstly you need to download and subscribe to Surfshark.
  2. You then have to open your VPN and log-in to the app with your details.
  3. Then you can connect the Indian server of your choice.
  4. You can download the Hotstar from the Google Play Store for your convenience.
  5. After that, you can install the app and enjoy getting an ultra-new experience even by sitting outside India.



You can enjoy the Indian Hotstar version even by residing at the overseas. You can witness the Hotstar IPL that is broadcasted on the Indian versions by sitting in the USA. Here are some easy steps you need to follow to see the premiere on Kodi:

  1. Firstly, you have to download the zip file of the Hotstar Kodi app on your device where you want to see the shows.
  2. After that launch, the Kodi.
  3. Then you need to click on the “Add-ons” tab, and after that, you have to proceed for the “Box” icon and click on that.
  4. After that, you need to open the downloaded zip file from your system and wait till further notification arrives on your device.
  5. After getting done with this, you can access the Add-ons downloaded from the menu bar of Add-ons.



iPhone is a very popular and demanding device that most of the people use and has become a prominent user’s choice. You can find people all across the globe using the iPhone that adds to its market value. You can even watch Hotstar even on your iPhone by sitting in any part of the globe. Here is a step by step simple guide to install and use it:

  1. You need to be cautious with your app store location, and you have to change it to India.
  2. Next, you have to search for the Hotstar and click on the Get option tab to proceed further.
  3. You can only avail of the benefits if you connect to the Indian server. So, open the Surfshark app and connect to one of the Indian servers present.
  4. You need to open the Hotstar app and sign-in with your details to enjoy the hassle-free and fast services in no time.



If you want to enjoy the view of various shows on Hotstar, then you can get the subscription for your TV. With the TV, you can have a stress free view, and there will be no strain caused to your eyesight. If you are buying the subscription to avail of its benefits when you are at home, then getting it for your TV is the best decision you can take. Here are simple steps that you can do to watch Hotstar on your TV:

  1. Firstly, you have to open your smart TV and reach “Home” with the help of your remote.
  2. After that, you have to locate the apps present on the bottom-left corner of your screen with precision.
  3. From all the present apps, you need to search for Hotstar and install that application on your TV.
  4. Once you are done with all this procedure, you are ready to watch Hotstar on your TV without any hurdles.


Final Verdict

No, doubt there are many entertainment apps present nowadays, but Hotstar has made a special place in the heart of viewers due to its immense cool features. You can view IPL live streaming that is eventually one of the greatest boons in the times of pandemic. People can relax with various movies and shows that are broadcasted on the app. They can even avail of the Indian version’s benefits even by sitting outside India that is no less than a miracle. But the advancing technology has proved it right.


The users have full freedom to choose the screen as per their comfort. They can buy a subscription as per their requirements and that too with a refundable policy. Isn’t it great!! So, you should not wait for the right moment and get your subscription right away so that you can avail of the benefits of Hotstar.

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