As you read this article, you are learning about how to lose body fat and gain muscle, the two ultimate goals of weight loss and fitness. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will know how to do both effectively, quickly, safely, and without sacrificing your health and your life.

When it comes to losing body fat, most individuals choose a single goal: either they go on a crash diet, eat only a limited amount of food, and/or burn calories by exercising (through high intensity cardio) to burn the fat in the body. The problem is that all of these methods (and more) have one common flaw: They all fail to address the issue of “how to lose body fat.” You see, when you burn calories at a rapid rate, your metabolism speeds up and your body burns less fat.

Your body’s fat is what provides your muscles with energy. As long as you maintain the proper weight and proper nutrition, your body can use its own resources to provide your muscles with fuel, but if you do not make the necessary lifestyle changes, your body will eventually run out of calories. In order to retain its energy, your body has to burn stored fats; the more calories your body has, the less fat it loses. But because the dieters and cardio-exercisers have so little knowledge about how to lose body fat, they usually fall victim to the following two main errors:

o Failing to exercise – It’s not enough that you lose body fat: You must also make sure that your body is getting all of the exercise it needs. Doing more workouts can help you burn more calories and lose more body fat, but if you’re doing cardio exercises, you should do at least 30 minutes per day, but preferably more to increase your body’s metabolic rate and burn more fat at a faster rate.

o Excessive weight training – You must also burn more calories than you take in each day. You do not need to spend hours in the gym in order to build muscle, but you must not do hundreds of crunches every other day. because doing so would lead to over-training and burn up muscle fast – something your body can’t absorb.

o Doing both – The first thing you should do to burn body fat and gain muscle is to eat well: By eating plenty of healthy foods and getting plenty of sleep each night, you can boost your body’s metabolism by giving your body a good source of energy for all of the things you want to accomplish in life. Doing the right things to increase your body’s metabolism will ensure that you are constantly burning calories, so that you can lose body fat and gain muscle, so you can get your dream body!