The knowledge test can be used throughout a training course. It allows learners to take stock of their achievements and the trainer to validate, or even certify, the appropriation of content.

Kahoot in two lines

  • Kahoot is easy to use and stimulating an online quiz system for participants.
  • It provides a clear statement in Excel format of what the learners have retained.

Why use it?

  • To test knowledge in an atmosphere of playful competition.
  • To energize a group in the process of restarting … or falling asleep!
  • Before training to establish a diagnosis.

Benefits of Kahoot

  • Unlimited group size.
  • Unlimited number of questions.
  • Quiz that can be shared with other trainers.
  • Free tool for all technological environments. for more information

Useful Tips

  • Set the time allowed to answer a question according to the degree of difficulty.
  • Embed images and videos to vary the form of your questions.
  • The choice of a maximum of 4 answers is a limit, but it makes it easier for the participants to choose.
  • Only the first 5 teams appear on the screen. Consequence: some participants may be upset or even
  • demotivated. A good reaction to be adopted by the trainer: regret that the classification only highlights the first 5 teams…. and think of valuing everyone.


Kahoot offers a free, time-limited version for teachers and schools to make learning accessible to all. A number of features are disabled but do not prevent the creation, sharing of questionnaires. Kahoot’s premium offers! allow teachers to collaborate with each other, to stay organized …